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Who we are

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 10 months ago

Purpose of the group

1. help new people to learn to videoblog

2. discuss what we need...and build it!

3. discuss new tech and its implications

4. discuss rights

5. gossip and fight



Please add yourself in alphabetical order:


Adam Jochum: cafn8ed.tv, adamjochum.com, justin.tv/cafn8ed247

Adam Q: Bullemhead, Wreck & Salvage

Amber Madison ambermadison.tv Information about sex, sexuality and relationships

Andy Carvin: Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth, Dirty Diaper Diaries

Ashley Pinedo: Vive la vida, currently planning/fundraising for Road to Guadalupe, to launch in Feb 08.

Brook Hinton: Temporalab, Trace Garden, The Public Record

Charles Iliya Krempeaux: ChangeLog.ca, Make Television, Show in a Box, Tirebiterz, VideoPress, Vlog Razor

Cheryl Colan: hummingcrow.com, WhatWeFound, NODE101 Phoenix

David Howell: davidhowellstudios.com, taoofdavid.com

David Lee King: davidleeking.com, David's videoblog

David Tames Kino-Eye.com

Dennis Poulette: Mexico Movies

Diana Kuan: Indietrekker

Enric Teller: Cirne.com, Cirne Vlog, Tech Alley, vPIP, Cinegage

Frank Carver: Make Your Own Video

Gena Haskett: Out On The Stoop, PCC Library Technology and contributor to Under Our Skin - the books that got to your soul.

Heath P aka The Batman Geek batmangeek.com mobilevlog.blogspot.com

Irene Duma: bittertonic.com, theunstitution.com, weexplainstuff.com

Jason Fifield: phillyjazz.blip.tv, slifepros.com

Jay Dedman: Momentshowing.net, RyanisHungry.com, Swajana.com

John Coffey JCHTV Philly based vlog about Sailing, Travel and Cocktails

Josh Leo: joshleo.com, Wandering West Michigan, Slow Loris Media

Kevin Nalts: kevinnalts.com, willvideoforfood.com,

Mark Schoneveld: Philebrity TV - a vlog channel in Philadelphia

Mark Shea: overlander.tv

Markus Sandy NODE 101::OjaiDigitalDojo, Apperceptions, Apperceive, Ourmedia, Have Money Will Vlog

Matt Feldman neovids.tv

Matt Savarino: VlogMap.org, Ridertech.com

Michael Verdi: michaelverdi.com, Freevlog, NODE101, Vloggercon, Have Money Will Vlog

Michael Aivaliotis: VI Shots

Pat Race: Alaska Robotics

Paul Bendat The Mayne Report(soon to be a videoblog)

Pepa GarcĂ­a: pepa.tv

Rebecca Gerendasy [http://cookingupastory.com]

Rupert Howe: workingformydad.com (old); fatgirlinohio.org (newer); twittervlog.blogspot.com (current)

Ryanne Hodson: RyanEdit.com, RyanIsHungry.com, FreeVlog.org, The ReVlog, Swajana.com

Schlomo Rabinowitz: Echoplex Park, Evilvlog, NODE 101:Bay Area

Scott Stead: scottstead.com, dcmediamakers.wordpress.com

Steve Garfield: SteveGarfield.com

Ted Tagami: Tagami.com

Terry Ann Rendon: Terry Ann Online- I occasionally video blog.

Will Pate: commandN




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