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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

Methods of Defining


  • Microformat method


The steps used to define a microformat may be put to use for defining a videoblog.  One of the relevant steps is finding common usage on the internet (in the wild) to create a standard:




Paraphrasing the page:


"...A pattern has emerged from successful microformat development

efforts of several specific kinds of wiki pages being created, in a

particular order (though not always)....


1. *-examples. Find examples on today's web of the the type of content

you think needs a microformat. Document them with URLs. Document the

implicit schemas that the content examples imply. This is the action

that helps follow principle 3, design for humans first, machines

second ... adapt to current behaviors and usage patterns. Start by

cloning the examples page and filling it out."


So real examples of the different videoblog types are listed here or on a related page from which common attributes are abstracted toward the definition.


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