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  • vPIP (videos Playing In Place) - Design the viewers experience of opening videos in your webpage.vPIP (video Playing In Place) dynamically embeds a video after the viewer clicks on the link. The link can be a text or image link. The result is that the page loads quickly with only image and text links. Then when the viewer clicks one of the links pointing to a video, it's replaced with the embedded video. Clicking on another vPIP link closes the prior embedded video and opens the new one.
  • FreeVideoCoding.com - The most versatile code maker for video on the web. Embed players in a variety of sizes, create text and image links, vPIP, even pop ups. Flash video makers will enjoy the built-in Flash Player included in Flash  (flv) code. And it's free. No registration required.
  • SpinXpress.com - A great way to build collaboration groups around video. Spin also helps you find Creative Commons media for your project, and helps you publish to multiple hosting sites. You can search for Creative Commons media to use in your own work here: Get Media.
  • Video Commenting: WP plug in, open source, by Shawn Van Every
  • Adding Hyperlinks within Quicktime videos:
    • Linkubator - designed by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, an online tool that will add a ‘bug’ to your movie (a small image with a link to your blog entry)
    • Textation (used by Rocketboom to embed links, so one can click on the QT video and launch a browser window with the reference. "A bit clunky, but works just fine.")
    • Tutorial to add text track and hyperlinked text to Quicktime movie from Kath O'Donnell: http://www.aliak.com/node/2439
    • eZedia - range of software to add interactivity - free trial available, priced @ around $50 (see DavidMeade.com for examples of outros with multi-clickable areas generated in eZedia)
    • Adobe GoLive - add interactivity, buttons, hotspots etc to Quicktime movies - 30 day free trial available, part of expensive CS Suite
    • LiveStage Pro - $500 package touted as the world's leading QuickTime authoring application.  Support poor, company possibly in trouble.
    • Videoclix - "clickable video solutions" with reasonably complex pricing from $50 to $5000
    • Getting clickable links outside video frame: Veoplayer and www.CrowdAbout.us which allows time-based posts and comments.
  • Release forms galaore: http://www.dependentfilms.net/files.html  
  • Wordpress for videobloggers: Showinabox.tv    AWESOME!
  • a whole list of different hacks and tutorials for video: http://lipas.uwasa.fi/~f76998/video/
  • List of 100 tools and sites that are geared towards online video
  • Wrap up of mainly free tools for shooting to editing to presentation


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