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On posting videos to your own site vs Social Media Sites

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago
YouTube viewers, MySpace people, Facebook people, RSS people, people who go

directly to sites, LiveVideo people, etc etc etc... it looks more and more

to me like there isn't much intersection between these spheres. They are for

the most part different audiences. People decide where they like to

experience web media, and go there.

For me, MySpace is pretty much unusable. The interface is so horrible that I

dread the times I need to go there. Facebook is nicer, but feels strictly

like social media, so its perfect for social media related video but no so

much for more focused projects / art / series / etc. You Tube has viewers

viewers viewers watching their abysmal poorly encoded destruction of what in

some cases were once nice looking videos, but its the only place you'll

reach that audience.

I like controlling the experience. My stuff is not aimed at a mass audience.

So its wordpress and my own sites for most of my stuff.

In other words, decide what you want to do and who you want to reach, and

find the sites, platforms, and approaches that work best for that. It will

be different for each person, sometimes for each vlog or project by one

person or group. If you want to reach the largest possible audience, you

have to use them all.

As for the cultures and behaviors in the various places - posting a video on

your own site is like setting up a showing in a theater. Posting a video on

You Tube is like setting up a projector and an amplifier on a random street

corner. Naturally, in the latter case, responses will vary wildly, and you

will overhear the sometimes hormonally influenced commentary of those using

the commons for other purposes.

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