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Local Vlog Screenings

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List of videos: Please contact each creator so they know there video will be used. This will help you promote especially if the person is local..and makes them feel good!




FAQ on Venues:

1) What sort of venues might be interested in participating?

Start simple.

  • First you should figure out how much time you want to put into the screening. You could always ue a project, white sheet, and backyard. Throw in a BBQ and you have a cool party for your friends and neighborhood. This literally takes no time at all.
  • You can also do bigger screenings outside in local parks, or projecting on the side of a building. The more public you make the screening, the more poeple you will attract...and the more logistics you'll need to consider.
  • If you want to reach out to the wider art/film community, you can approach the local independent cinema that simply want butts in their seats. They'll probably give you a Sunday night slot as long as you let them sell tickets/popcorn.
  • If you really want to hit the art crowd, you can approach different media museums/galleries that often have screening spaces. They may be much more concerned with what you screen since they are, of course, arbitrators of taste.

2) Where should I start my search for a venue? (resources other than the

yellow pages?)

First decide on the kind of screening you want to do. Then ask your friends if they have contacts into any of the above venues.

3) What are the important things to consider when selecting a venue?

  • A local vlog screening is essentially a big party where people watch videos. So does the venue have a bathroom (important if its a public park)?
  • Does public transportation reach the venue?
  • Is there parking?
  • If you're letting people eat/drink, are there trash cans?

4) What list of requirements/preferences should I provide the venue management?

  • Do they have a projector?
  • what format do the video need to be on?
  • what is the sound like?
  • will they help promote, or at least put in their calender?
  • how many seats?
  • can you have time not just to screen the videos, but have talk time afterwards?
  • will they let you have a party with food and drink?

5) What objections/questions should I expect from the venue management during planning?

  • Depending on which kind of venue you approach, management might be especially interested in how many people you can attract since this could their source of revenue.
  • They may want to prescreen the videos so they feel good about what will play.

6) What is the venue going to expect of me? (If not money, then what else if anything should I expect to provide to the venue?)

The venue will most likely just want to talk to you in person to make sure you're serious. They will probably ask for a writtten proposal if it's a bureacratic organization. I wouldnt pay anything for a venue unless you want to make profit from the screening, in which case it becomes a business deal. Since you can do this in your backyard or local park for free, you shouldn't pay anything out of pocket. Most venues will be glad to host a well-curated screening since you may bring a new audience to them, or ticket sales.


FAQ on Promotion:

1) How can I best get the word out locally?

If you've never run a screening before, I think you first stat small and invite your friends and their friends. Screening as many local videos helps bring in the crowd. Each local creator will probably bring 2-3 people. Upcoming.org works in many cities with an active web community. And also, success breeds success. So doing a small first screening that is well-attended will give you a network to grow upon. Without a ton of resources and time, first events are usually modest.

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