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How to make your videos last

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From Brook Hinton


I think the smart storage/hosting/dissemination workflow these days is:


1. Store/host on your own web account (dreamhost or whatever), whether

as a backup or as your primary hosting solution. I've started using

mine as primary because I get better download speed, which matters as

I post increasingly high bandwidth material.

2. AND/OR - Use blip if you like/need their very vlogger friendly

tools, but you still need a backup.

3. PLUS - Archive.org anything you feel should be added to the

cultural permanent record.

4. PLUS - use, with a keen eye on their TOS, You Tube, Live Video,

Vimeo, MySpace or wherever else you see fit as a way of reaching

those who would otherwise not have access to your work or be likely to

happen upon it. But do so with your eyes open, and don't post to a

site when its TOS trumps your own desires, goals, or ethics. (This

gets tricky, esp, for those of us who have ethical problems with ads

appearing on the same page as our video when we didn't choose the ad

or approve of its product).

5. HARD COPY BACKUPS OF EVERYTHING. On DV tape for DV; files-on-DVD or

shelved hard drive(s) for uncompressed SD, lower res, or file

originated material like flash drive or disk based cams; file output

on shelved drives for HD,


Redundancy is your friend. And remember you don't have to post

everything in each place.



Joly says:

Personally I stick my stuff up in 4 formats, all in different locations

1) My own site - real - I've got a lot of legacy listeners using streamtuner in linux.

2) Internet Archive. mp4 for podcast. Dispersed servers. Will survive me.

3) YouTube - flv - convenience. Works on iPhones, game boxes etc.

4) Stage6 - divX - lingua franca of the P2P world.

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