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how to add a blip show player without making it your default player

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Steve Garfield asks:

"How do you select the player that displays the other episodes on the side, without making it your default player? I see you have the single video player on your main page."


Mike Moon answers:

"I also had a tough time getting my head around this at first.

At Blip, Dashboard, Players.

Add a new player. Add whatever buttons etc. Save it.

Now go back to the list of players and you'll see the Embed at the bottom.

Click on embed, select Playlist, select your playlist and copy the embedded code. Paste away in WordPress or where ever.

On the main page, I used the "Video Sidebar Widget" that works with Blip.tv videos (plus a slew of others). Ideally, I'd like for there to be no buttons on the bottom of the player for this one on the main page, but haven't got that figured out yet.


(See Mike's archive here: http://mikemoon.net/vlog/blip-list/)

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