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How and why to stay interested in Videoblogging

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Chris Burdick:


I kind of have to chuckle at how jaded so many people in this thread

seem to be, talking about videoblogging as if it's a bum-legged horse

that you can't bring yourself to take round the back of the barn and

shoot in the head.

To people like me - and, I think, the world at large - serial

videoblogging is still a shiny new thing with a lot of untapped potential.

I can see why it might be old hat to people who've already been

immersed in it for a couple of years...

... wait a minute, no I don't. The medium's only a few years old, and

people are moaning and groaning and rolling their eyes. Maybe I come

from a generation with a slightly longer attention span, but I just

don't get it.

"Vlogging is sooooooo last Tuesday! So is streaming! The latest thing

is a high-intensity laser that shoots right out of your monitor and

etches the video directly on the back of your retina! EVERYTHING worth

watching is going in that direction, you'll see..."

If someone is bored with the medium, I can only imagine they're not

using it to its best potential. Art isn't about aspect ratios and

codecs and kilobytes per second... it's about what you DO with all

that crap.

The medium is not the message. The right artist can create a

masterpiece with a handful of crayons and a roll of toilet paper...

but that doesn't give the crayons and toilet paper any intrinsic

artistic value.

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