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Welcome to the discussion list for the beginning videoblogger and everyone else.

Follow the group messages on Twitter: http://twitter.com/videoblogging


Videoblogging now has groups in different languages:



Use this group best by:


1. Make a videoblog.

Freevlog explains how to videoblog for free using Blogger. Show-in-a-Box shows how to use a free pimped out Wordpress package for more advcanced vloggers. Videoblogger Bre Petis made this great post on how to record, edit, and post your video quickly.


2. Introduce yourself to the group. Please be personal.

Making a video introduction is highly recommended.

Any kind of rude marketing will probably get you a lot of hassle and negative blog posts.

Please email the Moderators to find out what's appropriate. 


3. Watch what other people are making.


5. Dont forget to comment and link to the videos you like.


6. You can also see if you could meet up with someone locally via Node101. Or start your own local meet up.


7. Also check out the Videoblogging calendar.


8. Read sites like Vlog Razor, NewTeeVee, Inside Online Video, Vlog Blog, and Internet TV Blog, to keep up with video blogging related news.



Choose "Daily Digest" if you just want to skim. You can also subscribe to our Feed for this group instead of receiving emails.

You can email the group owner directly if you have any issues: jay.dedman@gmail.com



Who we are: list your videoblog here

What is Videoblogging?: these are sites/videos that might give some perspective on why videoBLOGGING is so exciting.


Cameras and Equipment:

3 things to consider when buying a camera: Brook Hinton fo BrookHinton.com



iPhone Compression: resources to make sure your videos can be watched on the Christ Communicator aka Jesus Phone.

Flash Compression: different ways to create your own flash videos.

Compression and Transcoding sofware: tools to help you turn one video format to any other format. some free. some you pay for.

Best Compresson for Youtube: trying to solve the mystery of making Youtube videos look good within the limitiations of 100mb files and under 10 minutes long.

Trick to getting high quality Youtube embeds: "This generator makes it easy for you to embed High Quality MP4 versions of your YouTube videos.

Bookmark it to open in your sidebar so you can pop it open without leaving YouTube."

Download mpeg4 video from Youtube directly: youtube makes mp4's of all videos, but hides them. this site lets you get the mp4. they even have a bookmark you can use when browsing youtibe. Updated: (+other ways to get youtube MP4's)


Educational stuff for teachers of Videoblogging:

Node101: a loose collaborative effort to connect videobloggers face to face.

Leeds College of Art: a short videoblogging course taught by Michael Szpakowski

Modes of Film and Video Production (U of Iowa): a full university curriculum by Jennifer Proctor

Videoblog course at SFSU: Marie Drennan is a leading the charge at SFSU. Very interactive stuff.

The how and why of videoblogging: Extensive curriculum and resources creatde by by Jen Simmons at Temple Univeristy.



Vloggercon: See links to the conferences we have held to meet each other and spread the word.

Vloggercon2007 Planning: add notes, ideas, and get involved as we plan Vloggercon 2007. 

VlogEurope: Yearly organized event in Europe since 2005.

Pixelodeon: Yearly screening festival for videoblogs.

Local Vlog Screenings: discussion and resources for anyone who wants to hold a local video screening in their community

Super Happy Vlog House: local videoblogging get togethers and hack-a-thons.

Critique group: An experiment where vloggers critique each others work in a safe environment so we could learn from each other.


Finding music for your videos:

Places to find Music: here are places where you can find CC music or pay-per-license. Be legal!


Hosting your videos:

Comparison of Hosting Sites: Check out what a free site will do for you...and expect in return. Add/edit as you see fit.

Upload Your Video to Many Videos Sites at Once: tips on nuclear uploading

Best Practices for Aggregation Sites: If you are a new business getting into the scene and want to suck in people's videos onto your site, please read how to join the community in a healthy way.

Sites that don't respect the community standards. Sites that do respect the community standards


Legal Resources:

Know your legal risk wehn acting as a citizen journalist.


Licensing you videos:

What is Creative Commons: Forget about traditional copyright; find out how CC licenses on your work will help everyone...especially promoting you, the creator. These videos will help lay out the current copyright porcess...and how we can build a new sane future.

Custom videos for CC licenses: Make sure you add your Creative Commons license to your video so it travels wherever it goes on the web.

Know your rights: How to deal with a Youtube DMCA takedown.


Live Streaming

Comparison of different free sites offering live streaming (2.17.08)


Making $$$ from your videoblog:

The Business of Videoblogging: different ideas/experiences of making videoblogging sustainable

Vlogger conversations about the pros and cons of commercialism


Random Technical Tips:

how to add a blip show player without making it your default player



Resources: list tools, sites, tutorials that will help us. Please say why its a good for videobloggers.

Best Camera to buy: opinions will differ depending on what you're trying to do.



RSS and enclosures: stuff about feeds and how to deliver your videos into different aggregators. (by Rupert Howe)



SEO: Rupert has a great rundown of how to get your videoblog more searchable using SEO (search engine optimization).


This Group:

Great Quotes from the Group

Moments to remember or forget: Times when the group transcends communication barriers, or implodes from ego, mistinterpretation, and pettiness.

The History of the Videoblogging Group (as seen through members of this group): Please add your version, facts, story about how you saw Videoblogging develop.

Videoblogging Week!: Check out all the work done by the group during our yearly weekly vlog marathons since 2004. The goal is to give everyone a reason to stop being so busy and make video within time limits. People end up telling stories, shopiwng their lives, following abstract themes etc. You can do no wrong. Each year, Videoblogging Week starts when someone on the group spontaneously announces it.

Weekly Video Conferences: Everyone is encouraged to particpate. If you have a webcam, all the better. But you can even communicate using audio or just text. We usually have different topics each time. A good place to meet people "face to face".


Videos and conversations around them:

Articles and Academic Papers: list of media about videoblogging

Cool Videos: List videos you think are great examples of the medium. Please list the permalink, so we can see the context and provide attribution to the creator.

The Language of Video: a list of global sideo sites from around the world. This is where you can see what other countries and cultures are doing with online video.

Barriers: The barriers videobloggers feel to taking on large projects


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