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Best Practices for Aggregation Sites

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 1 month ago

There are two good description of what an independent blogger expects from an Aggregation Service:


either this page that Video Vertigo created:






  "I have been asked by a number of people to list what I consider are

 good and bad RSS syndication practices. I reserve the right to modify

 this list as thoughts and ideas come in that I think are worthy of

 adding to the list."    --Mike Hudak, CEO of blip


 * Good things Media Sites do with Syndicated Content

  •   Attribution with Hyper link back to Content Origin Point
  •   Original RSS Feed clearly seen and linked to.
  •   No other confusing RSS links are associated media listing
  •   Audio and Video Media is not altered or trans-coded
  •   Audio and Video Media is not cached direct link only
  •   Publishing Author Name on Media Listing
  •   Make Listing Opt In
  •   Claim a Feed
  •   Pay content producers a revenue share on site advertising.

*  Bad things Media Sites do with Syndicated Content

  •   Auto adding content versus asking to become listed!
  •   Replace RSS feed with sites own.
  •   Pre-Roll or Post Roll ads in the syndicated sites media player!
  •   Not allowing one to claim there own feed.
  •   Not allowing one to opt out.
  •   Not linking directly to the media file.
  •   Not honoring Creative Commons License.
  •   Add to Digg etc links that drive people away from original
  •  content point.
  •   Trans-coding media into a new format without permission.


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