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Page history last edited by Rupert 12 years, 1 month ago

From Rupert Howe when asked why more videobloggers dont take on larger video projects:

(via email conversation with Jay Dedman)


1) having an idea that you want to put energy into

2) asking permission / rejection - the fear that people will not want someone videoing them and/or publishing it online

3) respect/authority - the fear that people will ask who the fuck you are, and why they should talk to you. "Um, i have my own videoblog that's watched by, like, *dozens* of people!"

4) self-consciousness - most people feel awkward about filming themselves, and feel awkward filming anything in public, or in front of other people, because they're drawing attention to themselves especially if they haven't asked permission

5) law - with the police harrassing photographers & videographers everywhere, the position of legality of filming people and things is unclear to most people (see UK rights and US rights for clarity)

6) audience - you put all this effort into something, and it'll be seen by a few hundred people.  to build an audience, you got to keep plugging away, and most people are doing it in their spare time - so in a way, you've got to have an issue or a subject that you're passionate enough about to keep pushing.  There's a guy who writes an ultra-local blog in my neighbourhood - shepherdsbush.wordpress.com - and he has been working hard at it to get 3000 visits a month.  it's a real commitment, and most people are afraid of those kind of commitments.

7) the technology - not as much of a barrier as it used to be, but still requires a level of confidence to follow a project through from start to finish - even a home movie.

8) fear of failure - what if it's shit, or boring, or no one watches it?


Rupert postscript:

Please add more here as they occur to you. I think identifying these kind of barriers will help us work out what we need to do to break them down and encourage more people to make videos about things outside of themselves, that are important to them.  I think the in/ability to reach target audiences and demographics effectively also contributes to these barriers.


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