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other ways to get youtube MP4's

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 9 months ago

1. There's a cool bookmarklet-thingy that you can add to your browser

toolbar that then let's you reveal the link to the mv4 file — and

download it. Awesome for remixing.

Grab it here:


(Jen Simmons)


2. A quick tip for doing this without any plugins.

If you have Safari:

-Open Activity Viewer (Apple+Alt+A).

-Load your youtube page.

-The activity window will show a nice and clean list of ALL the files being

loaded in the page. One will have a larger file size than the others and

will look like something like this:

-Double click on that entry, and it¹ll download the mp4/flv to your desktop.

You can do this on any website, retrieving the full path to music, videos,

hidden images, etc. I use it every day, and apart from that I don¹t use

safari at all.


David Terranova




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